We switched our name to SSTRATEGY based on four new key principles

A payment success monetizing strategy which enable the ease of revenue predictability plus no additional costs in failed payments

We put financial data to work to foresee data-driven decision making

We bet on API market HUB momentum and encourage proactiveness striking a global market of 28+ countries around the world

We aim to FosterĀ“s yearly innovation Quests around APIs to pioneer and stimulate startups to create layers over the platform engine

Sstrategy. Review and SEPA Nov 2017 Scheme adjustments

We announce that our head of compliance has been re-nominated as a ESTF EPC group member

Congratz Gabriel and we would like to encourage you to keep working with the some attitude :)

By the way, we have published the cost SEPA NOV 17 adjustments review regarding the scheme changes its implications and future requirements. If you wish to receive a hard copy ask through hello@sstrategy.io!

PSD2 Stakeholden UK Group

We recently become a member of the PSD2 stakeholders group. Through our Head of Compliance and former member of the ESTF EPC Guidance gruoup, Gabriel Carpintero

As long as we are into the wave, it colud be possible that this is just the tip of the iceberg, and we hope to uppdate you with fresher news soon